Patrick Hennessy was awarded $19.1 million by a Philadelphia jury May 26th. Hennessy was a passenger in a car driven by his friend, Ryan Caruso four years ago.

Hennessy was a passenger in a Ryan’s car. It was around 2 am on July 26th 2009 when it rear-ended a vehicle. As a result of the collision Ryan’s car failed to start. Ryan and Hennessy, both from Bensalem, then tried top push the car off the road. The car they hit followed behind them with its flashers on.

A car driven by Shawn Robertson Jr, of Philadelphia then struck that car sending it to Hennesy.

Hennesy who was 24 at the time of the accident suffered severe injuries and was forced to undergo an amputation above the knee of his right leg.

A jury at a three day trial at the Philadelphia Court of common Pleas found Caruso and Robertson negligent in the crash.

Hennesy’s verdict has set records not only in Philadelphia but across the nation as well. His case was litigated by Matt Casey, founding partner of Ross Feller Casey, LLP in Philadelphia.

Casey said, “It is our hope that the verdict, once it is paid, will help Mr. Hennessey deal with the long, challenging road ahead of him.”

For Casey, this latest victory is just the latest in a series of seven and eight-figure courtroom verdicts.

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