March 04, 2013

Road accidents are not choosers when it comes to their choice of victims. Sometimes it is more disheartening when the victim is someone important or needed in the community. A mother of two kids was killed in a road accident in Royersford of Montgomery County.

Authorities reported that a jogger died following a car mishap after about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon of Monday at Block 400 at N. Lewis Road.

The fatality was a 39-year-old woman who was jogging along the side of the road when an uncontrolled vehicle operated by an 18-year-old male hit her.

Witnesses saw that then the driver lost control of the vehicle, he veered towards the double yellow lines, hit the jogger who was running beside the road and then struck a utility pole. The impact was so strong that the woman died on the scene. The driver who sustained non-life threatening injuries was transported to Phoenixville Hospital for treatment.

Police said that the operator told them that he was changing the channel of the radio station of his car at the time of the accident. It was not yet decided what charges will be filed against the driver.

At the time of the accident, the victim did not have any identification cars with her but the police were able get tentative identification from her cell phone. Since nearest relatives have not been informed of her passing, the Id of the victim has not been released to the press.

Police were able to identify the woman from Montgomery County who was killed Monday by a car while she was jogging along N. Lewis Road.

The police were able to identify the fatality as Merinda Thompson, aged 40 who was jogging and hit by a war while jogging along 400-block of North Lewis Street in Royersford.

One of her neighbors, Kevin Varani said that he saw her 10 minutes before the mishap. She was looking great, in good, shape, running and really doing well. He never imagined that a few minutes later, she was dead lying beside the road.

Neighbors knew Thompson as a great person and a mother of two boys. One of her neighbors, Mohammed Ahmid said that she was a very gracious person, very sweet and active in the community.

Family and friends expressed their sorrows and beautiful memory of her by leaving two bouquets of flowers at the scene of the exact spot she died after being hit by the car.

Police said that they are getting a blood sample from the 18-year-old driver and going through his mobile to search for clues that led to the crash. They are also discussing charges to be filed.

 Finally, they decided to file charges against driver Justin Jackson, 18-years-old from Limerick Twp. for the death of Merinda Thompson, age 40, by hitting her fatally with his car on the afternoon of March 4th.

It was the practice of Thompson to go jogging just around her Limerick home when she was struck on North Lewis Road.

Police stated that the veered across the road careening towards the shoulder prior to hitting Thompson. The car also hit a utility pole before it finally rested beside the road.

The errant driver, Jackson is now facing several charges – vehicular murder, use of drugs and distracted driving through texting. Police added that also discovered marijuana pipe and marijuana inside the car. A test result showed that Jackson’s blood had marijuana content at the time of the accident. After analyzing his phone, investigators discovered that he had been texting while driving.

A mother of two young kids, Thompson just recently decided to go jogging as a way to maintain her physical wellness.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com