January 15, 2013

George Washington High School was the site of a fight that was followed by the arrest of four students and the injury of two police officers of the school. A big fight ensued at the High School of George Washington which was followed by the apprehension of four students and a couple of school police officers hurt including one cop from the city. Philadelphia Police reported that injuries were minor which were treated by the emergency personnel who responded to the scene.

The start of the brawl was at the school’s basement, located at Block 10000 Bustleton Avenue last Tuesday of January 14. Several students were involved in a fight during much break at 12:30 o’clock in high noon. However, the police did lot lock the school.

Arrested students will face juvenile charges. As investigation is ongoing, no names of the person involved are released to the public.

Two police officers of the school were injured during the scuffle at the High School of George Washington High School found in Northeast Philadelphia.

Philly police were called to the school in Bustleton Avenue during lunch break that Tuesday.

Until this time, no immediate information was given what led to the brawl but the crowd was so aggressive that resulted to the injury of two officers.

Witnesses saw that some people were being contained at the back of a police van.

An investigation is continuing.

Four students were brought to custody following a fight of high school students that caused injuries to two school police officer. There was also one city cop involved.

According to a preliminary investigation, two boys ended their argument through a fist fight at the basement of the school. The police officers of the school responded and tried to break up the grappling boys. During the melee, one of the responding woman school police officers stumbled to the ground and hurt her hip. She was transported for treatment to a local hospital.

Philadelphia Police came to the scene and took the four boys into custody. The Head of the School District said that the four fighters will be given appropriate disciplinary measures.

Philadelphia police spokesperson, Christine O’Brien confirmed that two police officers of the school were injured during the brawl which happened at the basement of George Washington High School located in Bustleton section of the city. At least, four students were taken in custody for initiating the troublesome incident.

She said that it was a great disturbance to the school; however, they are still investigating what sparked the trouble.

O’Brien said that she has no other information about the names of the students involved and what caused the trouble. But she is sure that the guilty parties will be facing charges of assault since police officers’ sustained minor injuries and had to be treated in the local hospital.

Name in honor of America’s first president, the George Washington High School located in Bustleton Avenue of North East Philadelphia is a government-owned institution of earning. It has a present enrolment of 2,071 students.

The school carries four programs in business & finance; culinary arts; international Bachelor program and creative & performing arts. The mission of the school is to orient their graduates towards business& technology; culinary arts and sports marketing & management.

Students at George Washington High School have all the chances of pursuing the coursework and exams of Advance Placement. Male make up approximately 55% while female are around 45% in the student population.  The total minority enrollment is the school comes to around 59%. George Washington High School is only 1 of 59 other high schools in the School District of Philadelphia.

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