April 07, 2013

Police officers and firefighters are considered as everyday heroes as they save and protect lives; however, they often get injured or killed in the course of doing their jobs. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, firemen occupied number 8 in the most dangerous jobs in America. Last year’s data showed a total of 39 firefighters died while on-the-job. This comprises a fatality rate of about 4.4 per 100,000 workers.
Saturday night, a fire broke out that burned a fabric shop, topped floor apartments and a neighboring boutique. When part of the roof collapsed, a fireman was killed and a colleague who attempted to rescue him was injured.

Firefighters honored the body of Captain Michael Goodwin, age 53, as he was borne from the ashes of the burned building in Fabric’s Row Section of Philly. Capt. Goodwin died after he fell from the 3rd floor roof when the roof collapsed.

Lloyd Ayers, Fire Commissioner announced the death of Capt. Goodwin and that Andrew Godlinski, age 28, his companion who tried to save him was injured but is presently in stable condition.

It was around 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon when fire broke out at Jack B. Frabrics and it spread to the next door store, Urban Princess. The owner of the establishment reported that all residents of both buildings were able to exit and were not injured.

Bruce Blumenthal, owner of Fabric Store said that he could not pin point the direct cause of the fire but he believed it started from the wall due to electrical problem.

Blumenthal said that he smelled something burning and saw smoke coming from the basement where he saw a box of collars and cuffs smoldering on fire. He tried to put the flames out but the extinguisher was not adequate to smother the flames.

Due to the fire, the power of more than 300 users in the area was cut off. The Red Cross was around and gave assistance to at least 17 people.

A year ago in the same month, two firefighters of the city died when a building gave way while they were inspecting it following a fire next door.

All flags must be flown half-staff was the order given by Mayor Michael Nutter of Philadelphia on Sunday and also requested for prayers to comfort the family and colleagues of a fire captain whose life ended when a roof tumbled beneath him while battling the fire.  He was the third firefighter of the city killed on duty in a year.

Captain Michael Goodwin, age53, fell to the 2nd floor roof from a three-story building at the Fabric Row section during the fire last Saturday. He died on site while colleague, Andrew Godlinski, age 28, who was attempting to rescue him sustained injuries. He hands got burn while trying to save Goodwin. The good news was that he will be discharged from the hospital on Sunday.

The good Mayor reminded those who attended the conference that these heroic servants are risking their lives every day in a moment’s notice for the good of all. He said that they are honoring a man who was not only brave but a good person. The 53-year-old veteran looked after the welfare of his folks. He is truly a fire fighter’s fire fighter.

Surviving the deceased is his wife, two children who are all grown-up and three brother-sisters, one of whom is an officer of the police.

Officers of the police and fellow firefighters honored the remains of Goodwin, wrapped in the flag of America while being transported to the local hospital and later to the funeral parlor.

The tragedy happened as the fire department was preparing to mark a year since blaze on April 9 at a warehouse killed their 2 men: Capt. Robert Neary, 59, and Daniel Sweeney, 25. They died as the building they were inspecting collapsed.

At the fire station where Goodwin worked, people placed bouquets of flowers around bench together with a big toy fire truck complete with ladder.

Red Cross of SW Pennsylvania said that due to the conflagration, 17 residents lost their homes while three of them are in need of financial help to defray for hotels, food and clothing.

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