Police reported that a Philadelphian driving a dirt bike crashed into a light pole and sustained critical injuries. The mishap took place in the morning of Tuesday.

At about 9:12 o’clock in the morning, the victim identified as 28years-old Eric Robinson, resident of Block1000 at North Pallas St. was biking on his 250 Yamaha dirt bike. For unknown reasons, he lost control and crashed into a light pole along Kent and Marshall Rds.

Michael Chitwood who is police Superintendent, said witnesses reported that Robinson was running at a top rate of speed along Marshall Road when he lost control and crashed heads-on to a light standard located at Kent Road.

Robinson was immediately delivered to the University Hospital of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, in life-threatening condition. A few minutes after admission, he died at 9:51 o’clock that morning.

Chitwood said that two witnesses reported of seeing Robinson riding at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit the post. Additional complication were the facts that the fatality’s bike was unregistered and that he did not have a license.

The accident is still being investigated/

Philadelphia police confirmed that the man riding a dirt bike hit a street light Tuesday morning and sustained critical fatal injuries.

According to police, the biker was identified as Eric Robinson, age 28, of Block 1000 of North Pallas St. He was operating a 250 Yamaha dirt bike when due to high speed, he hit a light pole that morning at about 9:12 o’clock at the roads of Marshall and Kent.

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood blamed speed as the factor causing the accident as Robinson was seen by witnesses traveling at a high rate of speed. He was traveling along Marshall Road when he lost control and hit a light standard at Kent Road.

Robinson was rushed to the Pa-Philly University Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9:51 o’clock that same morning from critical injuries.

Chitwood said that according to what the witnesses saw, the fatality was traveling in such top speed that he was no longer able to control his vehicle. An added infraction was that the vehicle was unregistered and the driver had no driving license.

Before closing the investigation, the authorities wanted all information to be clear and precise.

The Police Department of Philadelphia has successfully launched a new city law to clear illegal ATV riders and dirt-bikers to stay out of public parks and streets. It is a fact that bike life is a trend that has been proven persistently to be deadly in all regions. Records showed that during the past 14 months, there were at least four fatal wrecks.

The Consumer Product Safety Administration of U.S. reported that as of February they have already recorded almost 12,000 deaths involving ATVs It appeared that Pennsylvania was the third-deadliest state for ATV riders for the last 25 years, as shown by their data.

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