January 17. 2013

House makers are always searching for products that alleviate working load at home. So it was good to find a laundry hamper that was lightweight and extremely convenient for home front all across the United States. But no one suspected that the wire of this pop-up hamper was hiding a menace that could change one’s life forever

There were some calls from people reporting of serious injuries caused by laundry hampers.

One call was what happened to Patsy Williams who had no idea of the risk when she bought one laundry hamper. This busy mother of four kids was hoping that the pop-up laundry hamper she intended to put in her son’s room would lighten the burden of housework somehow but it did not happen according to her expectation.

William said that she opened the packaging to remove the hamper when it happened.  She went on her knees, holding her face. The wire just sprung, she saw it coming but couldn’t stop as it was so fast. She saw piece of metal, around 10 inches in length erupting from the hamper’s frame; it ripped through the fabric then through her right eye. Ii was unstoppable as it went right through her right eye.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit against the manufacturer is forthcoming.

A clothes hamper for keeping your laundry is not supposed to be dangerous for an everyday household item is expected to be safe, especially for children. But it is unbelievable that a laundry hamper is responsible for eye injuries of many children.

For 11-year-old Keon Reeves, it was another day of comprehensive eye exams and tests. Keon’s ophthalmologist, Dr. Iris Kassem stated that the eye injury was devastating. It is unlikely that the boy will recover good vision again.

Keon recounted that he was putting clothes inside the hamper and it suddenly popped up real fast. Images in the office of the doctor showed the extend of damages done by the tip of the wire.

Keon’s mother, Angela Neal said that her son will never be able to drive .While Keon said that he is praying that he will be able to see but it is a prayer that maybe answered by a new special type of contact lens.

Neal has hired an injury attorney and preparing to sue for damages as a result of Keon’s injuries.

Jania Peete, 23 -month-old girl injured her eye when the wire frame from the pop-up hamper suddenly snapped loose and went right through her eye.

Another lawsuit is coming from the Peete family.

Dr. Kassem is taking care of the eye injury of Jania. He said that the first time Jania came to her office, she thought it was merely a freak accident but when Keon and others started coming, she realized it was a pattern.

There was a case of another eye injury of a four-year-old from a pop-up hamper and was recently settled for the amount of $665,000.

Keon wished that the hamper should be taken off the market so no other person will be injured.

Although some brands of spring-tension hampers have placed a label warning that the product should be kept away from children and one’s face while opening them.

Hamper labels show that the products were manufactured in China but it did not include the name of the manufacturer.

Spokesperson from the Product Safety Consumer Commission said that there is only one injury report they have received so far complaining about a wire-framed laundry hamper but they are studying the injury reports involving the hampers to determine if an extensive investigation into the safety of the product is necessary.

If you have been injured by a pop-up hamper or any other product you can report it to the CPSC.

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