January 14, 2013

PHILADELPHIA — Americans who love sports, especially basketball look at Andrew Bynum as their all-time basketball hero. As an American professional basketball player, Bynum is a member of 76ers of Philadelphia’s National Basketball Association (NBA). Playing center, he was named an All-Star and an All-NBA selection for the in 2012. He has the adulation of the public in front of him and an appreciative management on stage to his right.

But it is the destiny of athletes to get injured during the games. The same happened to Bynum. When season 2007-08 ended, Bynum underwent surgery to replace his dislocated left kneecap. Late July 2010, Bynum had another surgery on his right knee to repair a tear in his meniscus. At the later part of 2012 season, Bynum overplayed his surgically repaired right knee when he returned to play for the Lakers in the playoffs.

Throughout his playing days, Bynum has continuously struggled with knee injuries but appeared to be improving after playing in 60 of a possible 63 games last season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Early September, the New Sixers center player went to Germany to have an experimental procedure on his knee that other basketball greats as Bryant, Hill and Rodriguez have undergone.

Bynum had two previous surgery on both of his knees and it was not stated whether the experiment as done on one or both knees. The procedure, called Orthokine/Regenokine, was done by an outstanding German surgeon. Source reported that Bynum’s knees are fine and the procedure was non- surgical. This medical procedure had not been done in the United States and was less invasive than any other forms of knee surgeries presently used.

It was announced that Bynum would take three weeks off after he underwent treatment of his knee in Germany but his three weeks for recuperation extended to three months. There was even a report that he played bowling and sustained knee injury.

It is interesting to know that the Philadelphia 76ers will not suffer any financial setback for Andrew Bynum’s salary should he decide to rest out the entire season. Bynum will still get every penny of his $16.9 million salary even if he doesn’t play any game this year, and the Sixers are off the hook for that compensation due to the insurance they have on their investment. It is not specified how much Bynum’s salary would be covered by the insurance but there are no pre-existing conditions that would prevent Bynum’s coverage; therefore, he is under full protection.

With Bynum playing, the Sixers expected to make a deep run in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Without their center, the Sixers were behind at 16-22 in last Monday’s game.

The reason was that Bynum opted not to play for the season because of  bruises on the bone at both knees. He said that his knees are pain free but did not give a specific timetable for his return.

Last week, Bynum did participating shooting drills with Brian James & Michael Curry, assistant coaches and Kevin Johnson, head athlete trainer. However, Bynum reminded them that he still needs time for his rehabilitation to be completed. Although he is not yet back on the field but he is headed in that direction.

But a piece of good news was that the 76ers has been doing well in their game against New Orleans. With Bynum’s return, the team just might be able to make a mark in the coming season.

Rod Thorn, Team president and Tony DiLeo, general manager are eagerly expecting Bynum availability. Bynum was averaging high scores as 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds last season. It would be worthwhile the wait if he matched those numbers.

After July 5, Bynum is free to sign a five-year contract. And once he has no more encumbrances, the Sixers can offer him longer time and more money than any other team.

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Source: Sporting News Com