It was a strange coincidence that a couple of? two young sisters from Philly became hit-and-run victims just two days apart.

One victim, identified as Sarah Givens, age 10, is presently at home recuperating with a broken leg after she was hit last Thursday, while her sister Kylie, age 14 is in serious condition of a ruptured spleen and broken ribs after getting hit two days after.

Dad Jim Givens said that his two daughters hit in two days is such a difficult ordeal for a father. For him, it seemed quite unbelievable.

Authorities said that after prelim investigation, they have good leads in both cases, which include the? film from the surveillance video showing that it was a four-door while vehicle that hit Kylie. The tape showed that the suspect drove almost one-half block then stopped to look back on the victim but changed his mind and fled.

The mother of Sarah and the stepmom of Kylie, Nina Doxzon said that the driver might have been bothered by his conscience for a while as he stopped. Maybe he wanted to know if his victim was dead and left when he saw that she was still alive.

The young child Sarah was walking home with a friend two days earlier when she was hit by a white SUV in Fishtown.

Sarah narrated that she was walking across the street when I saw a white truck zooming and the next thing she was hit, flew into the air and alighted under a arker vehicle.

Sarah who is a figure skater will not be able to hit the ice for about two months while elder sister Kylie’s injuries are much more serious. The surgeons at the Aria Health’s Torresdale hospital removed her spleen which was badly damaged.

Jim Givens said that those hit-and-run drivers are cowards, cold and heartless. They must have the guts to accept their fault and turn themselves to the police.

Two sisters, ages 10 and 14, were separately hurt in two different hit-and-run car accidents just 72 hours apart.

Younger sister, Sarah Givens was walking around the vicinity of her home one Thursday when she was hit by a white SUV that fled from the scene. In another tragic coincidence, her elder sister was also struck by another hit-and-run driver less than 72 hours after.

Kylie is now recuperating in the ICU at Aria Torresdale Hospital.

Saturday evening at around 8:30 oclock, police reported that Kylee was walking along Torresdale Ave and Cheltenham when she was hit by a four-door white vehicle with tinted glasses, operated by a male driver

Doctors were forced to remove Kylee’s spleen.

Sarah said that she is really angry with the drivers that his her and her sister.

In either accident, the police have not made any arrest for their information is still lacking. They are requesting any witness to come forward and offer more details.

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