March 10, 2013  

It is almost too much of a coincidence that the two young daughters of a man from Fishtown were victims of car crashes in two separate occasions within three days. The father, identified as Jim Givens told TV reporters that both his children were victims of a hit-and-run. The first accident happened to her youngest daughter who is 10-years old while the second mishap happened to his 14-year-old daughter. They shared the same bad experience in two separate occasions just within a span of three day.

Givens said that he does not know why the same tragedy was experienced by his children in two different occasions. It was too much out of the ordinary.

As of today, Givens says Kylee, his 14-year-old Kylee is recuperating in the hospital sustaining two fractured ribs and ruptured spleen. She was a victim of a hit-and-run driver in a street in the Tacony section last Saturday night.

Givens stated that Kylee was going to the playground when she was hit by a reckless operator. From being an active and vivacious girl, Kylee is now lying still on the hospital bed with tubes attached to her arm, neck and nose. It is such a p pitiful sight for a father to see.

Givens has his hands full also watching 10-year-old Sarah, his younger daughter who was the first victim of separate hit-and-run just several days earlier.

Sarah is able to walk around with the help to crutches as her leg was placed in a cast. Last Thursday afternoon, Sarah was crossing the street just near her home when a reckless driver hit her.

Sarah told the reporters that it was so unbelievable that the same thing happened to her sister.

Jim Givens said that having two crash victims was so difficult to bear. First, Sarah was hit and a few days after Kylee.

It was around 8:30 o’clock in the evening of Saturday when 15-years-old Kylee was on her way to Moss Playground; when she was at the corner of Cheltenham and Torresdale  Avenues in Frankford when a rampaging vehicle hit her.

When Givens learned what happened to Kylee; he felt it was a rewind of the same thing that happened to Sarah; he had to pinch himself to awaken from the nightmare.

Kylee sustained serious injuries and was delivered in a rush to Torresdale Aria Health Campus. Doctors examined her and found she had two broken ribs and a rauptured spleen. However, her condition remained stable.

He said that he could hardly believe that there are now two rampaging devils out there on the streets endangering the lives of innocent people.

Witnesses saw that the operator was driving a white sedan.

Police reported that they have apprehended a hit-and-run but are not sure if he is the driver who struck either of the girls.

Sarah recalled that while she walking down the street, she was not aware of a zooming white truck which struck her with such a force that she was airborne and landed under a car. When she was in the hospital, she was scared of all the tubes hooked up in her body. It was there that she wished for the driver to be arrested so he will no longer hurt anybody. And she felt sad of what befell her elder sister. She is now back home going around in crutches with a fully cast leg.

Police said that based on the surveillance camera, they learned that the vehicle was a GMC white Denali with flashy edges and tinted license plate. It was speeding towards Memphis Street.

Sarah is grateful for the strong support coming from her family and friends. She also thank the police for exerting their best efforts in finding the two hit-and-run drivers who victimized her and her eldest sister.

Jim is already requesting any witness to come provide and provide relevant information which the police will keep confidential.

Investigation of both accidents is ongoing.

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