February 06, 2103

A New York hit-and-run accident claimed the life of another pedestrian. Last Tuesday, the  police arrested a 47-years old truck driver from New Jersey who was alleged to be responsible for the crash. The unfortunate victim died at a corner in Times Square.

The suspect was an operator of a truck and identified as Jack Montelbano, a resident of Bayonne. He was charged with a hit-and run case considered as felony for fleeing from the scene of an accident without reporting to an authority. He is scheduled to be arraigned at a criminal court of Manhattan on Wednesday.

According to the police record, Montelbano was negotiating a right turn from 9th Avenue towards 41st Street. He was driving a dump truck which is privately owned and registered to a New Jersey Company. He ended the life of 69 years old Shu Ying Liu who was crossing the side street at about 10:00 o’clock that morning.

One witness from the crowd who was on the scene of the crash actually saw Montelbano driving the dump truck. After he hit the poor woman, he continued driving fast away from the scene.

Ying Liu who was just residing around the vicinity of West 54th Street, was immediately rushed to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center but due to critical injuries, she died.

Detectives of the City police were able to trace the truck to the New Jersey office and located the hit-and-run driver. He was arrested and returned to the police quarter in NYC.

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