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March 06, 2013

There was an exciting series of events: two police cars were stolen; one officer was injured and two people are under arrest. It was like an action movie involving a high-speed chase that started in Camden and culminated in Philadelphia.

Camden police said that the incident started when an officer was writing a ticket for a vehicle driver when he heard that the door of the cruiser was opened and when he checked, he found two people inside who was not part of the people in the traffic stop.

Police identified the duo inside as Blake Bills, age 24 and Shayna Sykes age 23 who are both residents of Macungie, Pennsylvania.

Blake was driver of the vehicle that was pursued onto Interstate 676 and onto a ramp of the Walt Whitman Bridge. This was where he allegedly negotiated a hard right turn right in front of a police officer. In his effort to evade the officer, he rolled the vehicle over. The police officer suffered minor injuries, was treated and soon released.

Before the wild police chase that Tuesday morning, Blake Billis and Sykes allegedly attempted to carjack someone in the Third and Market streets in Camden.

The duo will be facing so many charges which will include the charges from two prior incidents

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Sources: Philadelphia CBS Local Com

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