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March 07, 2013

Police reported that last Thursday, a driver DWI hit an Atlantic City police officer. The accident took place a little after 3:00 o’clock in the morning at Route 40. The errant vehicle hit the patrol cruiser with Officer Priscilla Murray seated inside.

The drunken male operator struck Officer Murray’s car with such impact sending the cruiser to spin around many times.

After the driver of the car struck the cruiser of Officer Murray, it did not stop but continued speeding away. The officer informed her colleagues that the car was a Dodge blue Caravan.

The injured policewoman was delivered to Regional Medical center of Atlantic where she sustained neck and back injuries. The good news was that she was released from the hospital soon after.

The hit-and-run DWI driver was identified as Jayesh Patel, age 45, resident of Mays Landing. He was arrested a short time after the incident. While the police were placing him inside the back of the cop car, Patel became aggressive and started kicking the officers.

Patel is now facing several charges including: Aggravated assault to a person of authority, Assault by car, Driving under the influence and Resisting Arrest.

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Sources: Philadelphia CBS Local Com

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