The 9,000 employees of SEPTA will be joining Shred Diet.3, which is a new plan to lose weight. This was announced by Stephanie Stahl who is a medical specialist health reporter.

Today, Maxine Dobbins, one of SEPTA employees, exercises by jumping in her office wearing a corporate attire of suit, pearls and all.

She also performs curls & a few weights and instead of junk food she eats a banana for her snack. Her cousin, Dr. Ian Smith said that Dobbins is into Shred Diet which is a new diet program he has developed.

Dobbins is proud of her cousin who wrote a best seller diet book, Shred Plan. Dr. Smith tested his plan by monitoring 5,000 people for six weeks, He was able to prove the efficacy of his program when his subjects lost an average of 20 pounds and went down on their dress size by two.

For Dr. Smith, the only way to shred pounds is to shred fats.

SEPTA employees are now on the program and are facing the challenge to be part of what is called the Shredder Nation whose objective is to lost weight. This is just the right challenge for people who do sedentary jobs, like bus drivers and office workers.

One SEPTA driver, Rhonda Bell said that the whole day, she sits on her big fanny while operating a bus. Lucille Songhai, another driver, believes that the program is a good method for restructuring the food she eats.

The six-week Shred Plan offers lots of healthy foods to choose which made others in the program labeled as diet confusion.

Smith said that the introduction of different types of food with different calories maintains the body off kilter which keeps the metabolism active and continuously burning calories. Another primary feature of the plan is meal spacing where Smith recommends that those who want to lose weight must follow a three to four hourly meal intervals.

One working mom with three kids, identified as Janet McHugh resident of New Jersey, claimed that she lost 14 lbs. during the three weeks and a half using Shred Diet.

McHugh said that she gets full and feels better; her mind is no longer concentrating on what to eat for the next meal.

A new phase to maximize weight loss is introduced every week.

A person who wants to lose weight is given 1,100 to 1,400 calories each day accompanied by a daily exercise for 30 minutes.

Bell claimed that she was able to lose 45 pounds on one of Dr. Smith’s previous diet challenges and as she is now into Shred Diet, she wants to lose more. She said that she learned to eat healthy full meals and does not feel hungry. She added that she was now able to obtain at least four-five inches space in her pants that used to be extremely tight.

SEPTA began its loss weight challenge Monday, February 4.

Obesity is a problem in our present culture. It is affecting all kinds of employment, especially people on the road.

In England, the weight of the drivers is given much concern. In Hull, East Yorkshire, bus drivers who are overweight are being ordered to go on fitness drive because they are breaking their seats. Bus drivers in Manchester have been banned from getting behind the wheel – for being too fat. In Metro Tasmania, overweight bus drivers will be paid to undergo a weight-loss program during work hours.

Studies revealed that obesity not only affect bus driver’s health but also their performance especially when it comes to safety.

Truck crashes cause public health hazard leading to thousands of deaths and injuries every year pointing to driver fatigue and sleepiness as major causes. Research confirmed the findings of previous study that truck drivers who are obese have the most likelihood for a high likelihood of sleep disorders that can be alleviated by losing some weight and requiring OSA screenings which are good ways to reduce the danger of truck accidents.

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Source: Philadelphia CBS Local Com

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