BOSTON ? Spiritual strength is the best way to face events that are beyond human understanding. A Philadelphia community in the suburbs will hold a vigil offering for the injured victims of the Boston bus crash especially a High School Neshaminy student who is in critical condition.

Monday will see this grieving community gather at Penndels Our Lady of Grace Church for a candlelight vigil prayer for Matt Cruz and the other injured victims of the crash. They have also started a drive for monetary donation to help the family of Matt Cruz, a 16-year-old Neshaminy High School sophomore who was critically hurt. The money raised is intended to help pay for his care.

Last Saturday night, a bus of Calvary Coach slammed into an overpass bridge during a week ender deadly mishap that critically injured one and dozens of others to be hospitalized.

This is one of the worst bus crash accidents wherein a total of 42 residents from Bucks County where involved in a mishap after touring Harvard University. However, most have returned home to start healing from minor injuries.

It was around 7:00 oclock Saturday evening when a bus of Calvary Coach, on its way back to Philadelphia, unheeding the height limit slammed against a 10-foot-high overpass in Boston. The passengers were high school students and adult chaperones that were part of a Destined a Dream Foundation group. Forty-one students and adults took a Harvard trip for a campus visitation, sit at the cultural advancement office, a campus tour, a glimpse of the historic town of Cambridge and lots of shopping, eating, sightseeing galore at the Harvard Square.

The crash was unexpected following the drivers shout to call 911 as the brakes failed. The bus slammed against the underpass with such force that the roof caved in. When emergency responders came to the site, they were shocked to witness a chaotic scene of dozens young and adult folks trapped inside the damaged bus. The forced impelled the entire roof towards the overhead luggage bins hindering passengers from getting out.

Boston Fire Department spokesperson, Steve MacDonald vehemently stated that the bus was in the wrong place as Soldier’s Field Road has a 10-foot height limit and not for big buses. Warning signs are all over the place regarding height restriction which could have been noticed by the bus driver. In a following investigation, agents followed the route of Calvary Coach bus they clearly saw marked signs which reads- CARS ONLY, and NO TRUCKS OR BUSES.

The traumatic experience ruined beautiful memories of the tour for this young people. Based in Bristol, Pa., Dream Foundation is non-profit group giving opportunities for young people in the Philadelphia area and without any fee. Erica Waller-Hill, executive director said that this was the organization’s 15th college tour in four years.

After the bus slammed against the overpass, it sustained major damages with its front roof caving in and the center section curving downward. Some of the passengers were trapped inside the bus for more than an hour as rescue crews strived to free them. Firefighters stood on top of the bus using board to extract people trapped inside. ?It was around 9:30 in the evening when the last victim was freed from the bus.

The Emergency Medical Center of Boston reported that 34 people sustained injuries, including a 17-year-old victim who remained in critical condition. Authorities have not yet released the names of the injured and the condition of their injuries.

Later authorities indentified the seriously injured victim as Matt Cruz, a Neshaminy High Schools sophomore basketball and track athlete. He stayed behind at Bostons Medical Center to undergo two surgeries due to serious spinal damage.

Police spokesperson, David Procopio said last Monday that they are continuing their investigation as they have not reached any decisions whether to charge or cite the bus driver, Samuel J. Jackson. An investigation will determine if he will be made to face charges.

The accident caused only minor damage to the bridge and road, which was reopened to traffic Sunday. Massachusetts DOT officials said they have no plans to increase height of the bridge during the meeting next year.

Media went around the area in Boston and concurred the difficult of people who are unfamiliar to negotiate the roads.

In order to prevent more accidents, spokesman of Bostons Department of Conservation and Recreation, S.J. Port, announced that they are planning to start an awareness campaign on low clearances found on older and historic roads. He said that they have put up clear signage but motorists prefer to rely on the GSP for directions. They planned to contact GSP companies to work with them in this awareness campaign.

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