Philadelphia – Love is one of the reasons why people become heroes. Take the case of Teresa Marquard who offered her life to save her husband from a car crash.

Monica, Teresa’s daughter, said that her mom was a hero as she saved her dad for they would just be lost without both parents.

Marquard, 58-year-old of NE Philly was a wife and mother who was taking a walk with her spouse one morning in Wissinoming Park.

According to the police, a DUI driver, identified Eric Luciano, veered his vehicle into the sidewalk and was about to hit the couple when Teresa pushed her husband out of the way to save him from the coming car.

Daughter Denise Hirschman was fighting back her tears when she said that her mom pushed her dad out of the way to save him. She was the most loving mother who took care of them all when it comes to anything.

The errant driver’s brother was interviewed in the family’s house at Kensington. He said that his brother was a truck driver, a hard-working and honest person who would not hurt anyone. It was a freak accident not caused intentionally to harm somebody. The police said that Luciano was drunk but many drivers are like this sometimes when they drive.

The family of the victim said that the couple had been married for the last 42 years and have been with each other since they were kids at 14. Teresa claimed that her husband was the only love of her life.

Fifteen years ago, the doctors diagnosed the husband of Teresa husband with heart ailment so she assumed being bread-winner of the family. To support her family, she worked at the family court.

Daughter Teresa, who was named after her mother, said that her mother did so much for her family. She always placed them first even if it means sacrificing her own life.

February 24, 2013

Wissinoming – Teresa Marquard, 58 years, was deeply mourned by her daughters after their beloved mother was killed by a hit-and-run DUI driver last Monday. Teresa and her husband Albert have been married for 42 years. As they were taking their usual Sunday stroll one morning in Wissinoming Park along Frankford Avenue, a drunken driver swerved his vehicle toward the couple; Teresa pushed husband aside so she was the only one hit by the vehicle.

According to witnesses, a man veered his minivan towards the sidewalk, and they saw Teresa Marquard pushed her husband to safety as the out-of-control vehicle barreled down on them. It was too late for her to get out of the way, so she was the only one hit by the car. She was pronounced dead at the scene while Albert was unharmed.

Her daughters, Denise and Teresa considered this act of their mother as heroic since it would have been both of them but she saved their father. She saved him so her daughters would at least have one parent with them.

Teresa worked for the Philadelphia Family Court. Her friends, neighbors and co-workers have high regards for Teresa, as a wife, mother and worker.

Jimmy Berry, a neighbor, marveled at what Teresa did for her husband which you can seldom see in today’s marriage. It was such an amazing and inspiring thing to do.

Meanwhile, police are reviewing the case so they could give the correct kind of charges to convict the guilty.

Family is informing friends that viewing for Teresa Marquard will start on Thursday while funeral services follow on Friday morning.

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