PHILADELPHIA ? Philly police are searching the city looking for a 35-year-old man reported to have been missing after a crash. He was last seen crawling out of the car following a mishap during the weekend.

The missing person was identified as David Taundi, age 33, who was last seen by witnesses on a Saturday morning after a car accident at Block 5200 at Henry Ave. ?western part of the University of Philadelphia.

Investigators surmised that Taundi may be disoriented from his injuries.

Taundi’s father, Josiya Taundi, tells told the press that he is in a state of confusion because there was no information that could direct to his sons whereabouts.

Father Taundi said he last saw his son Friday night where he was going to meet friends in Center City.

A friend, identified as Jim Musoke, said it is not part of Taundis nature to just disappear.

Taundi resides Block 600 block of Dupont Street and spends leisure time at Center City with friends, police said.

Police planned to return to the crash site on Thursday with K-9 units and cadaver dogs.

On Saturday, a man’s body was pulled from the Wissahickon Creek in East Falls. Hours later, Josiya Taundi got call from the police that the victim pulled from the Creek was his missing David Taundi. Josiya was shocked to learn about his sons death.

In December, there was a report about the bizarre disappearance of the man from Roxborough and an employee of the Bank of America.

Investigators reported that in the early morning hours of the 16th of December, 16th, the Toyota Camry of Taundi hit a pole on the Block 5200 along Henry Avenue. The vehicle flipped over and burst into flame.

A witness told police that a man just got out from the driver’s side and simply walked off was never to be seen again.

For the past two months, his father worked with the people in looking for his son. He was even planning to hire a private detective to help find his son when Taundi’s body was discovered.

He was very surprised for the police had told him that they were going to comb that whole creek to find out if the body of his son would be there. The car crashed happened more than a mile away from where his body was found.

Josiya is waiting for the result of the autopsy which will be a good reason to close the tragedy as it might bring answers.

Josiya was proud of his son who was involved with charitable organizations.

The office workers, co-members in various associations, friends and relatives of Taundi were all grieving by his passing who has contributed much in making the lives of the people in the community better by his work and voluntary service to worthwhile causes. They expressed their heartfelt and sincerest condolences to his loved ones. David will be deeply missed by many.

Investigation on the cause of his death continues.

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