At least three Philadelphia police officers sustained injuries as a result of two different traffic accidents which occurred last Sunday morning. Authorities reported that two separate traffic accidents led to the injury of three officers of the police.

The first accident took place in East German Town’s Musgrave Street.  A 4th district officer was traveling in Musgrave Street towards East Washington Lane in East Germantown. At around 8:10 o’clock in the morning, the officer was going through a green light when all of the sudden, a woman operating a black Civic Honda ran the red light. The officer crashed into the driver’s side door of the Honda.

The police officer suffered right knee injury and was taken to the Medical Center of Einstein. The woman driving the black Civic Honda sustained no injuries but police delivered her to an area hospital for evaluation.

Pending result of investigation, the women might be charged for running the red light causing injury to a police officer.

The second accident of the say caused the injury of two 18th district police officers who responded to a call from West Philly at about 11;30 o’clock in the morning. On the way, they hit a car and the impact propelled the police vehicle to hit a pole at the corner of South 49th and Chestnut Streets.

The two officers were going east transversing Chestnut Street toward 49th South Street when suddenly, there was another vehicle heading south on 49th Street toward Chestnut, following exactly the same path as the police car. Due to bad timing, both vehicles reached the corner simultaneously. Police recounted that the officers tried to go around the civilian vehicle, but ended up slamming against it and then hitting a utility pole. The civilian vehicle also hit a light pole.

The officers sustained facial cuts and complained of neck pain, police reported. The police officers and the driver of the civilian vehicle were all delivered to the Pennsylvania University Hospital. All were suffering non-life threatening injuries and were listed in stable condition.

Police work is not a bed of roses; adventurous but dangerous. Unlike in the films where the police lead will always come out unscathed; in real life many policemen died in the field of duty. But statistics showed that generally, policemen are about three times more vulnerable to get killed than the average American. In fact, police work does not occupy top spot among the ten most dangerous professions as it is ranked below loggers, fishermen, taxi drivers, trash collectors, farmers and truck drivers.

Police fatalities on-the- job increased in 1974 during the year when Nixon declared aggressive war on drugs. But around 1970, death toll declined under Carter whose war against drugs was less vigorous. Police fatalities continued to level off under Reagan’s administration. The next big drop was in the 90’s coinciding with the dramatic decline of violent crimes nationwide. In 2007, police fatalities went up with the slight increase of crimes in general. Most policemen who died on their jobs die in traffic accidents. Although, the police are equipped with the most sophisticated weapons, it is not a deterrent against criminals.

Last year, there were 69 police officers who were killed by criminals out of the 850,000 officers nationwide; that is breaking death rate to 1 for every 100,000 officers or even less than average of job fatalities. But the risk is justified as the police stands as the guardian of peace and security for citizens all over the country.

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Source: Philly Com

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