Backups on parts of roadway in Montgomery County were caused by a rig that delayed commuters on their way to work.

According to the police, a tractor-trailer overturned as it was on its way along the Valley Forge Interchange toll plaza going towards the Pennsylvania Turnpike that Friday morning.

As the big rig was negotiating its way around the curve, it overturned and landed on the off-ramp from the westbound Turnpike. At cab was located on one side of the barricade while most of the trailer rested on the other side.

Although its driver, identified as Stephen Andriso, was conscious but he was trapped for almost two hours after the mishap which occurred at 7:15 o’clock in the morning. He was airlifted by an ambulance helicopter to the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania. Fortunately, police said that he sustained non-life threatening injuries.

There were dozens of firefighters and emergency responders working to extricate the trapped driver. As of 9 a.m., both directions of the ramp were closed to traffic as crews worked to clear the area. Commuters are informed to expect delays in the area.

A little before 10 o’clock that morning, one lane on the ramp coming off the highway was the scene of another crash. By 11 o’clock, the off-ramp lane was closed as the truck was righted and towed away. The truck was used to haul 40 pallets of a powdery substance called Gistex that is used in sodas and some foods.

More than four hours after the incident, precisely at 11:30 a.m. the roadway was finally reopened; while the ramp from the eastbound side of the roadway remained opened.

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