Riding a commuter vehicle, like SEPTA, is the easiest and most economical way to reach your destination. Taking a ride in any road vehicle is conducive to accidents but this is not the only risk in traveling. You have to be careful of your co-commuters. You can never tell if you are sitting next to a good or bad commuter.

Police stated how a video cam took an exclusive shot of a crook performing his act.

Last Friday, at 3:00 oclock in the morning, a male suspect was totally unaware that the surveillance camera was focused on him as he was trying to get into a turnstile box full of tokens at Kensingtons York-Dauphin Station.

Investigators narrated that a few seconds later SEPTA officers were surrounding him with guns. The bewildered suspect, Derrick Whethers, age 49 was arrested for theft.

Police Chief of SEPTA, Tom Nestel said that their officers are always alerted on what goes on around SEPTA because of great videos so it only takes a matter of seconds to get the bad man.

The transit has employed a team of employees watching the state of the art platform of 1,200 hi-tech, station cameras.

Since it is impossible for their officers to be everywhere all the time, the large transit system is fine tuned to prevent crimes, as well as the investigation efforts along with how it catches criminals.

Nestel said that Whethers was also connected to two recent burglaries of the turnstile where the transit agency lost around $5,000. Nestel continued that as soon as they get a call from their banks of cameras, they are lead to the scene of the crime.

That happened last Monday when the SEPTA police received a call about an unattended bag left along Broad Street Line.

It appeared that a woman rider must have been in a rush to catch her train that she left her purse. After a while, Curtis Drummond, the 48 year old suspected burglar, approached the bag and seeing that the coast was cleared, started pawing the bag. He was able to steal $160 and two transpasses.

All the while, he was unaware that all his moves where in video cam; he was caught and arrested.

SEPTA hoped that this man would serve as an example as SEPTA will never allow crimes to get away, Nestel emphasized.

Two week before Christmas, a SEPTA commuter was distraught when she realized that she left her purse in route 48. But she believed that most of Philadelphian commuters are and eventually they will not fail to return her purse.

The stressed commuter was identified as Joanne Leszczynsky who blamed the medication of Benadryl she imbibed that morning for causing her to feel hazy as she took her bus to her office at Center City. She only realized that she lost her purse at midday.

A combination of resignation and panic was rising as she blamed herself for being stupid. If she really lost her purse, it was her own fault. She decided to cancel her credit cards and remembered that her checkbook, keys, license and a $100 gift card were all in her purse.

Her faith in humanity was renewed for calling the SEPTA office, they were expecting her call. A commuter saw her purse and gave it to the driver who turned the bag over to the lost and found section. When she picked up her bag, everything was inside.

She said that she was not surprised as there are always more good people than bad ones who are willing to do the right thing. She was greatly relief and gave thanks to that unknown honest SEPTA bus commuter. She said that it was like winning a karma lottery.

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