NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA – At least several people were injured in a two-car crash that took place in Northeast Philadelphia last Thursday morning. The mishap occurred at around 6:45 o’clock in the morning at the corner of Grant Avenue and Krewstown Road.

Police reported that two vehicles have a collision wherein one was pushed up towards the sidewalk and smashed against a utility pole. One person was seriously hurt. Since the crash is under investigation, more information will be provided to the press later.

A day before the last day of 2012 in South Philadelphia, authorities stated that after a rear end crash, a group of men left the car and one of them started firing on the driver of the other car.

The incident took place at about 3:00 o’clock that Sunday morning at the vicinity of 15th and Webster streets in South Philadelphia.

The police immediately responded to the call where the victim reported to the police that he was chased by several men in a white vehicle. The victim related that the operator of the white vehicle rear ended him that caused the accident. He continued that the men in the white vehicle got out and one of them started to open fire at him almost hitting  the victim in the head.  After a while, the men returned to the white car and fled from the scene.

The victim was slightly injured as he sustained a graze wound to the head and was transported to the Jefferson Hospital for treatment.

Police said that they were able to find a white Pontiac with heavy front end damage on the 1300 block of South Cleveland Street but without anydriver and passengers.

Investigation is still ongoing.

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