One year ago, a Commodore man died from a fatal accident on Green Twp’s Route 286. Today, the Clymer man, age 24, was held responsible for the death of a man from Commodore and was sentence to serve from 4 years minimum to 10 years maximum imprisonment.

The convicted driver was identified as Jeffrey Scot Fulmer whom Judge Thomas M. Bianco ordered to pay up to a fine of $1,000 and for court costs at $850.

On October 12, Jeffrey S. Fulmer gave a guilty plea to charges of homicide by vehicle and driving DUJ. Fulmer was operating his Hyundai Elantra that rammed into the back of the pickup truck driven by 67 years-old, Carl Wissinger. The truck of Wissinger was pushed towards a guardrail and he was ejected from his vehicle.

Wissinger was delivered to the Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown but he expired after eight days due to line-threatening injuries.

Police tested Fulmer’s blood-alcohol level and it was 0.147 % and his blood tests showed that his system contained cocaine.  Pennsylvania laws allow only a 0.08% blood-alcohol limit.

According to court records, Fulmer made a guilty plea to charges made last October 12.

The 23-year-old driver from Clymer who police alleged was driving DUI and the influence of cocaine faced charges on the 8th of May in the Clymer Office of District Judge George M. Thackik for the fatal accident.

On March 16, a following homicide charges were pronounced on Jeffrey S. Fulmer: aggravated vehicle assault under the influence of; DUI with alcohol or using a controlled substance, driving while under the influence of a benzoylecgonine, reckless driving and two other traffic offenses.

Police reported that Fulmer was operating his Elantra Hyundai when he crashed into the tail of a pickup truck with 67-years-old, Carl Wissinger, resident of Commodore, on the wheel. He was on his way along Green Twp on Route 286. The truck of Wissinger was impelled into a guardrail that was located on the other side of the road. Due to the impact, he was ejected out of the vehicle. Emergency crew airlifted the victim to the Memorial Medical Center for Conemaugh. On his eighth day in the hospital, he died due to multiple internal injuries, based on autopsy result.

Police learned that the fatality was not wearing seat belt. Fulmer had a passenger, identified as Harley Lowmaster, age 20, resident of Morrisdale. She was transported to the Regional Medical center of Indiana for non-critical injuries.

Police officer who arrived at the scene, found Fulmer with blood shot & glassy eyes, extreme nervousness, poor coordination and slurred speech half an hour after the mishap. , extreme nervousness and poor coordination half an hour after the accident, At the start of investigation, Lowemaster claimed she was driving the car as she picked up Clymer from the Moose Lodge but later Clymer claimed he was driving the car during the accident.

Charging documents reported that Fulmer was acting irritable and anxious that the police surmised that he had been drinking and under illegal drugs. He was unable to do the 30-second one-leg stand, and then told the officer that it was useless to do the test as the police already knew that he was drunk.

Fulmer was apprehended and brought to the IRMC for blood alcohol testing. His blood alcohol showed a level of 0.147 %, and his blood tested was positive for benzoylecgonine which is known as a cocaine degradation product.

His bail was set for the amount of $75,000.

Fulmer was found guilty and given a life imprisonment sentence.

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