Philadelphia, PA – Philly, being one of the cities with the most population, has its share of car accidents. After a driver hits pedestrian or other vehicles, he/she panics and the first reaction is to flee. A hit-and-run driver becomes an object of police search and has to face higher charges.

At least, a 50-year-old pedestrian was dead after he was hit by a car in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tuesday morning and police are now conducting investigation of the incident.

According to the police, at around 2:30 o’clock in the morning, the still unidentified victim was about to cross City Avenue near Wynnefield Height when he was hit by a vehicle.

The fatality is a white man sporting white hair and wearing a black jeans & jacket with white sneakers who died at the scene.

The police said the driver was operating a silver white car, possibly a Nissan and he left the scene. Authorities are now on the look-out for the hit-and-run driver whose car has front-end and windshield damages.

Witnesses told the police that the car was last seen traveling toward a ramp going to the Expressway of Schuylkill at the Lincoln Drive, and the area of Roxborough-Manayunk.

Clues are being examined including car parts from the accident site.

Some politicians and prosecutors are proposing for changes in the Pennsylvania laws that they believed encourage drivers to run from the accident scene if they are DUI.

It appears that in the  current law, motorists convicted of DUI in a fatal accident is given a mandatory minimum imprisonment for three years while those hit-and-run drivers who already got rid of the alcohol in their system are charged only for running from the scene violation and is given a one-year minimum imprisonment.

First Assistant DA Sam Sanguedolce of Luzerne County said that this sentence is an incentive for drivers who are DUI to flee and take time to get the alcohol out of their blood.

He is proposing that the minimum mandatory penalty for hit-and-run convicted motorists should be more than that for DUI in a deadly crash.

State Rep. of Indiana Dave Reed already made a proposal last year raising the minimum mandatory penalty for hit-and-run drivers to three years, but some state senators rejected the proposal as it would tantamount to overcrowded jails..

To make a compromise, they passed what is now officially called as accidents involving personal injury or death. For convicted hit-and-run drivers with fatality, the former third degree charge of felony became a second degree charge plus a maximum imprisonment 10 years instead of seven; however, the one-year minimum mandatory term remained.

Sanguedolce believed that the new changes are not effective for offenders who have only little or no criminal history. In giving the sentence, one factor is criminal history aside from the seriousness of the crime.

The DA said that judges may not be able to reach maximum sentence as they seem so far away from standard range.

D Sen. Mike Stack of Philadelphia has been proposing the legislation that mandatory minimums be raised for hit-and-run convictions from one to five years. An aide of the Senator last week stated that senator is going to reintroduce a proposal imposing a one-year mandatory minimum sentence for a hit-and-run that causes serious injury and a three-year minimum term for fleeing from the scene of a deadly accident

Diane Velikis, age 53 and resident of Pringle, had a sister who died from a hit-and-run accident, stated that she could not understand the inhumanity of drivers who are fleeing after hitting someone and abandoning them to die.

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Source: Gant Daily Com

Source: Philly Com