The first fatal hit-and-run car accident happened in City Avenue a few hours after the arrival of the New Year. The victim was pedestrian Patrick Coyle, age 50 who was killed by a hit-and-run driver.

One month later, the police were still unable to catch the errant driver so the Police Accident Division of Philadelphia is doubling their efforts to apprehend the culprit. They have asked the help of the public and so far nobody has come forward with vital information.

Investigators have very minimal clues to go after the suspect as they only have small pieces of the vehicle left behind at the site near the corner of Presidential Boulevard and City Avenue.

There were reports of the hit-and-run driver from witnesses, including a student from the Medical school who tried to help Coyle by using CPR. But clues were inadequate to help capture the operator who fled towards the Expressway of Schuylkill after the crash.

The actual hit-and-run happened within the view of two of Philadelphia’s NBC 10 news anchors – reporter Jesse Gary and photographer Samantha Dunn. They were in the vicinity of the accident and had just turned to City Avenue for early morning coverage.

Jesse Gary remembered that there were cars stopping and people converging at the intersection. Samantha Dunn said that she parked the vehicle while Gary ran to know what’s happening and later her informed that a person was hit by a car.

A student from the Osteopathic College of Philadelphia tried to perform CPR to help the victim but was not confident enough to do it. Meanwhile, he got himself involved in noting down clues which would later on assist in the investigation. He talked to the bystanders asking about the description of the car that got away.

However, the information gathered about the run-away vehicle was not enough to pinpoint the driver. There were around eight eye witnesses but they could only come up with vague descriptions. Although they were sure that the car went into the direction of Schuylkill Expressway and Roosevelt Boulevard.

Initially, Sgt. Joseph Rossa, who looks after AID cases covering fatalities, and Officer William Lackman, were assigned to this hit-and-run case and to ask tips from the public that can be helpful in solving the case.

To facilitate solving the case, Santo Montecalvo’s V-P of the Citizens Crime Commission has offered $5,000 as reward for vital information that can lead to the apprehension, arrest and conviction of the driver.

Half of funds came from the large Coyle family which was matched by the AAA of Mid-Atlantic.

Rossa said that they are depending upon the police but the public’s help is also important. He is hoping that the conscience of the driver would make him come forward.

Rossa estimated that for 2012, the police were able to solve 50% of hit-and-run cases. He also knew that prosecutors are easy on those drivers who cooperate even after fleeing right after the crash.

NBC10 learned that the hit-and-run victim, his partner Joy Zasowski and their 13-year-old child resided in the apartment at Presidential City, where he was newly employed as maintenance man.

The children of the demised are requesting the mourners to send donation to the North Light Community Center instead of flowers.
Lackman found that the Coyle family is closely knitted and they are all wondering what kind of person would hit a man and leave him dying on the road.

Rossa and Lackman are confident that a tip might come from a neighbor of the alleged suspect from noticing a dent in the car matching the description. The vehicle is a four-door passenger car with colors either gold or silver as the colors change from the reflection of light. The car has a round-tail light that shines like circles.

The police are starting with evidences to identify the make and model of the car, Lackman even showed reporters eight small pieces of debris left by the vehicle on the scene which are taped and glued carefully.

For any person with relevant information, please contact Philadelphia’s Division of Accident Investigation or Commission of Citizens Crime. Tips can also be submitted though texting.

Car Accident victims may be entitled to financial compensation for pain and suffering in addition to economic damages.

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Source: News Work Org