Warminster Twp., PA – It was a waste of young life when a car accident claimed the life of a young man and inquired three others. A Buck County vehicular mishap killed one of its passengers who have come back after staying with his father in Texas for a few years. Five young people were inside the car when the tragedy happened. One died, the driver is in the hospital in critical condition while three others were also hospitalized and sustained non-life threatening conditions.
The fatality was identified as Cameron Smithwick, 19 years old, who just came home from Texas but was not destined to stay. He was riding with his buddies that Saturday afternoon when the driver lost control as they were descending the narrow county road lined with trees.
His sister, Addison Smithwick, narrated that the car was going downhill when it hit a gutter which twirled the car of the road that was slicked with rain. The vehicle then turned on its back and cut down a utility pole and crashed into a tree before landing on the ground. Smithwick, not wearing a seatbelt and seated in front died on the scene. She knew that death was instant and his brother didn’t suffer.
Smithwick with his friends and sister were in a Rickboro pizza parlor for lunch. He sat in front while the three boys took the back who claimed that Smithwick saved their lives as he caught the blow from the pole and tree.
The boys were friends as they have known each other since high school in Council Rock. The driver identified as LJ Tanner, age 18 sustained life-threatening injuries. The Police are trying to find out if speed was the factor causing the crash. It was not alcohol-related as so container was found inside the vehicle. Addison said that they are all praying for LJ’s recovery and that her mother could bear the pain of losing a son.
The plan of Cameron Smithwick was to become a chef and start his own restaurant business. Addison said that her brother was a fine guy, so generous, happy and brimming with life. These were the beautiful memories of a sister for her brother who met an untimely death that Saturday afternoon.
The car was operated by a buddy with Cameron taking the front seat and three others at the back. It crashed into a utility pole on the road in Jacksonville located between Sackettsford Road and Ridgeway in Northampton Twp.
The fatality, who was a student in Council Rock North High School prior to his move in Texas was the sole casualty in the mishap. Four others survived with the driver in critical condition.
Authorities in Bucks County continued investigating the crash that took the life of a former student of Council Rock, leaving one of its students in life-threatening condition. The mishap happened condition. a crash that killed a former Council Rock student and left a current student 2:00 o’clock Saturday afternoon at the road in Jacksonville located between Sackettsford Road and Ridgeway in Northampton Twp.
Police confirmed the death of Cameron Smithwick, 19 years-old, was killed while LJ Tanner, age 18, sustained life-threatening injuries. Three other passengers were delivered to the hospital sustaining minor injuries.
The family of Cameron said that the Monte Carlo hit a gutter, turned several times and hit a utility pole. The victim, seated in front was sans seat belt.
Five friends had just taken pizza lunch in one parlor downtown.
The three young men seated at the back staggered out of the car, bloody and in shock while LJ, the driver, was stuck inside the wreck. Cameron died on the scene.
Emergency crews responded on the scene and worked for about 20 minutes to extract the 18-year old driver who was immediately rushed to St. Mary Medical Center. He sustained critical injuries in the head and spine.
Tanner’s family is the proprietor of Bucks County business -Tanner Brothers Dairy.
Grief counselors were at Council Rock North High School to assist students deal with news of the horrific crash.
The tragic crash took place just around the corner of Warminster home of where Cameron resided with his stepfather and mother.
District Superintendent Mark Klein of Council Rock School stated that the school are extending their condolences and offering prayers for the victims and families of this horrible crash.
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