Snow is beautiful at any time of the year; but sad to say, it is not harmless. Suburban police departments were kept on this toes dealing with numerous accidents in the wake of a winter storm Saturday afternoon. Many localities were reporting up to 3-and-a-half inches of snow by midafternoon.

Emergency dispatchers in Montgomery County said they had been receiving reports of several weather-related car accidents. In Lower Salford, a two-car collision caused a 3-year-old toddler to being briefly trapped in a car seat. The young child was soon freed and luckily sustained no injuries, police said.

Another dispatcher in Bucks County said that local police were so swamped with calls that she couldn’t even stay on the phone. Significant numbers of car crashed were also reported by Chester County units.

AccuWeather senior meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski said Philadelphia International Airport had also traces of snow.  Although by late afternoon, snow falling in Philadelphia had been reduced to rain however, Pydynowski cautioned that there will be below-freezing temperatures later that Saturday, which could lead to icy streets, making driving conditions potentially dangerous.

Snow abounds everywhere: Montgomery County had 2.9 inches of snow; Chester County saw 3.5 inches of snow, Delaware County had just 1.6 inches by midafternoon Saturday, and the Mount Holly, N.J. National Weather Service reported 0.1 inches of snow.

Pydynowski said that Philadelphia was basically on that rain/snow line.

Philadelphians are expected to experience brisk temperatures to continue throughout the evening, with a low of 28 and winds picking up later Saturday night. By next week, residents can expect lower temperatures with temperatures next Friday staying below 30 degrees. Pydynowski added that with this kind of weather, car accidents are likely to happen.

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