According to Logic: if you are a passenger in a bus accident; you must sustain injuries. If you are not a passenger; you have no injuries at all.

Now, if you were really an injured passenger riding a SEPTA bus, be sure that the bus was really the vehicle that had the accident. But SEPTA have installed the latest facilities watching every passenger getting in and out of the bus.

Definitely, if your claim is fraudulent, SEPTA will have the evidence to have you run down by their bus, legally speaking.

At least, six Philadelphians were arrested last week and charged with insurance fraud and several types of injuries claimed from a 56 bus accident in 2010.

According to SEPTA spokeswoman Jerri Williams, the era that made a SEPTA bus injury claim appeared like winning a lottery is over and done with. SEPTA is now armed and prepared to face these fraud claims.

Perhaps, passengers are not aware that more than 2/3 of SEPTA buses are equipped with up to eight video cameras.

The night of the alleged the Route 56 bus on Thanksgiving of 2010, eight cameras were operating and what they recorded was very different from what the allegedly injured recounted.

Cameras showed that as the bus was pulling up to the Wakeling St. stop on Torresdale Avenue, a woman tripped and fell while she was walking to the rear of the bus. There was no reason for the trip or fall as the bus was not making any sudden stop.

A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s office said that following SEPTA policy, the fallen woman was handed an incident card by the bus driver; while he also gave additional cards to other passengers who may have reasons to complain. But no other passenger presented any claim for injury. On the other hand, the woman refused to be treated on the scene by paramedics who responded or she declined to be delivered to hospital.

One week after the incident, the woman filed an injury claim plus six people: Clarence “Superman” Wright, Jr., 62; Joseph Anderson, 59; Jeanette Sommerville, 56; Donnell Green, 47; Bernard Robinson, 62; and Rubin Lindsay, 52.

SEPTA is being charged by these six people a medical bill of $54,00); however, they can only get the claim if proven that they were injured in that bus incident.

Investigators reviewed the video and they found that only Wright and the woman were on the bus at the time of the alleged incident.

Passengers of the bus were aware that there were around eight cameras taking down their every move so if you were not a passenger, you wouldn’t know there were cameras, continued Williams. ‘Superman’ Wright was also on the bus, but the video showed that he was not hurt.

Investigators were able to find out that a lawyer paid Williams $250 for every head recruited. He was able to recruit five other people to file claims. The result was that all six were arrested last week.

This misguided lawyer was the same one who represented another six people who were charged last month of the same kind of operandi. Obviously, the attorney has not learned a lesson.

According to spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson of the DA office, they will only release the identity of the lawyer after charges have been filed.

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Source: Philly Com