For abusing an elderly patient, two workers formerly with a Nursing Home in Bucks County are imprisoned after authorities caught their antics on camera.

The location of the abuse was at the Arbors at Buck Run in Block 1700 in Feasterville’s Buck Road.

According to investigators, the daughter of one Arbor’s patient became suspicious of an abuse so decided to act.

Lower Southampton Police Department Detective Eric Landamia said that the patient’s  daughter had the intuition that all was not well so she decided to install hidden cameras inside her mother’s room and captured the abuse on video. This included one where one of the accused seemed to be dancing right on the face of the wheel-bound patient.

Based on the report, both the Police and personnel from Pa. Department of Public Welfare stared making their probe. According to what DPW was able to discover was that the two accused workers were seen dumping a patient on a bed and manhandling them.

DPW also saw on video that one of the workers was dancing right in front of the resident as she holds a cell phone and then sings and shouts directly into the face of the resident. The time of the abuse was ongoing from October 16 to November 13, his report was given by the DPW.

Police identified the two accused workers as 20-year-old Regina Battles, and I22-year old Irene Rodriguez. Both accused reported to the authorities on Tuesday morning and were confined in the Jail of Bucks County for being unable to file the  $100,000 bail. Charges filed against them were: (1) neglecting to care for dependent person; (2) reckless endangerment action; (3) harassment and simple assault of charges.

Both women had their own lawyer who claimed that the two did nothing wrong. He said that the alleged abuse caught in the surveillance video could be interpreted in different ways.

The Defense Attorney claimed that the family of the victim is giving the video a wrong interpretation that is why they file charges. But if an objective person will see the video, it will be interpreted as something harmless.

The two women who were in jail also got the nursing home they worked for in hot water. Due to alleged abuse, the license of Arbor’s was revoked by the DPW citing as reasons: their being grossly incompetent, allowing their staff to commit misconduct and negligent of their duties as care givers.

When the spokesperson from Arbors was interviewed in television and asked to say something about their facility; the spokesperson stated that Arbors is a wonderful place to work and stay.

The interviewer was able to talk to the management company of the nursing home.. The company maintained that they are running a competent home, Last February, they received are citation related to patient care which they have completely complied with. The company is planning to appeal the DPW’s order to close and the next 30 days is keeping their door open.

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Source: NBC Philadelphia Com