Christmas and New Year Holidays are best loved by young and old alike. There is something in the air during these season that makes people feel lighthearted and joyful which maybe intensified by alcoholic beverages or over-drinking during time spent with family and friends.

According to one division of DOT, the National highway Traffic Safety Administration, almost half of fatalities happening during U.S. holidays are alcohol-related. Because of the joyous occasion, many considered New Year as the deadliest of all. However, New Year does not top the list as the honor goes to Thanksgiving that continued to carry the title.

A spokesman of AAA, Robert Sinclair stated that the combined factors of more than50% drivers on the road and the higher-than-usual intake of alcohol are basic ingredients of the danger leading to more than 502 dying on the road that day. Sinclair continued that most vehicles are conflict potentials and during holidays, motorists travel loaded with liquor and end up with a crash.

Christmas is not on top as the deadliest but many car mishaps occur during these events. The Pennsylvania State Police are keeping statistics of accidents and fatalities. They considered the Yuletide season from December 21 ending in December 25. The year 2012 yielded more deaths, injuries an accident from 509 (2011) to 1,336 (2012). There were 315 injured people in 2012 and lesser count of 169 in 2011. Seven people were killed in 2012 but 5 fatalities last year.

The most common infractions committed by people who were arrested or issued citations during the Holidays were:

1. People who are DUI;
2. Drivers operating over the speed limit;
3. Drivers and passengers failed to follow seat belt regulations; and
4. Drivers disregarding safety seat on children- passengers.
Although the Pennsylvania State Police agree that Christmas is not the deadliest holiday for driving but it can be dangerous. Based on their statistics, more car accidents take place on Yuletide season as compared with ordinary times.

During the span of Yuletide holidays, Pa police confirmed that seven people died and 315 were injured in statewide crashes.

Crashes occurred between December 21 to 28 and out of the 1,336 mishaps; more than 108 were alcohol-related. Two out of seven fatalities were not wearing seat belts.

There were 348 arrests made by troopers due to DUI; 2,152 were issued speeding citations; 313 individuals for not wearing seat belts and 37 for failing to place young children on safety seats.

On the local level, Trooper K looks after the highways in Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery. They were able to respond to 109 crashes which were alcohol-related but no fatalities; made 32 DUI arrest and issued 794 citations. This is much more than Trooper K’s 16 DUI crashes and 709 citations made last year.

Philly Police Department observed that they were handling lesser vehicle wrecks but more DUI charges during the weekend and throughout Christmas Day compared to last year. Troopers from Philly, Delaware and Montgomery responded to a total of 109 crashes from December 21 to 25. Out of the number, 8 were alcohol-related and no fatalities.

Statewide statistics reported arrests of 348 people for DUI and 2,152 were given speeding ticket citation, 313 for non-wearing of seat belt and 37 for failure to place young children on safety seats.

State police during the two-day New Year’s crackdown last year handled 70 crash cases all related to alcohol; 23 DUI arrests and 553 citations in the three county regions.
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