Philadelphia Roads number I-95, 476 and 276 are among the busiest, fastest and most dangerous under normal conditions. Every time reckless drivers enter these roadways or any other roadways, innocent lives are at stake.

On December 31, before the year ended, two persons died after a vehicle mishap happened in the city section of Belmont that Sunday night.

Police reported that the crash took place at about 11 00 o’clock in the evening. A car hit several vehicles prior to crashing several cars at the corners of Haverford Avenue and 41st Street.

Of the two fatalities, the first male victim immediately died at the scene. The second male victim, who was hurled out of the vehicle, was still delivered to the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in life threatening condition. Despite all emergency measures given, he died later.

According to the police, both of the casualties were in their twenties. At least, it was a loss of two more lives due to car accidents. There was also another third person in the car, that was listed in critical condition at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Police are conducting an ongoing investigation of the crash.

The first day of January finds the police investigating a deadly crash in Chester County.

According to the report, the mishap took place around 6: 00 o’clock in the morning when a car hit a pole located on the southern part of Route 202 in the vicinity of Boot Road.

The police was able to identify one person as Claude Norris III, age 22 and resident of Coatesville. He was hurled out of the vehicle and pronounced dead at the scene. Two others victims were identified as 23 year-old Booker T. Gerald and operator James P. Wilkins, age 22; both residents of Coatesville. They were both injured and immediately transported to the area hospital.

Due to the accident, 202 in US were closed down all the way from Route 100 to Boot Road for almost six hours. Meanwhile, the police are conducting an investigation and authorities said that there is a pending charge against Wilkins.

The third day of the New Year was unlucky for a man from Pennsylvania for it marked the end of his life. According to the police, a box truck operator who was driving with a suspended license caused the death of an employee from Pennsylvania Turnpike in suburban Philadelphia.

Prosecutors believed that the suspect behind the wheel of a box truck had a suspended license. He was responsible for one man’s death whom he hit with his maintenance vehicle.

Last Wednesday, it was confirmed by Risa Vetri Ferman, D. A. of Montgomery County that Benjamin Joseph Kane, 34 years old and residing in West Conshohocken, was filed the following charges: vehicular aggravated assault by vehicle, driving recklessly, vehicular homicide and other related counts.

Last October 2, authorities stated that the suspect Kane was illegally operating a box truck weighing 31,200-pounds. When his vehicle was on the road shoulder in the vicinity of Norristown, he slammed his vehicle into the maintenance vehicle of turnpike.

Michael Sanfelice, age 66 who was a longtime employee of the company, was working in front of the turn pike vehicle. He was fatally hit by turnpike vehicle while the driver of the vehicle and one passenger were both injured.

Sanfelice who was working in front of the vehicle was fatally hit the employee while injuring two people inside the vehicle. The multi-vehicle crash created a seven-mile backup which lasted for hours.

Court record showed that Kane was able to post 10 % of the $100,000 cash bail His defense lawyer, Steven Fairlie, looked at the case as a tragedy involving both personages. A preliminary hearing of the case was scheduled for January 10.

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