DOYLESTOWN, PA. — Murder charges have been filed against a driver by the authorities for being responsible of a car crash that killed a young girl. The man that caused the demise of a nine-year-old girl has been charged with criminal homicide.

It was a loss of a young life, depriving the young girl from experiencing the joy of life and whatever good work she could have contributed to society.

The nine-year old girl from Pennsylvania died and her grandmother sustained critical injuries and is currently in the hospital. The reckless driver of a Mustang crashed into the Honda which was driven by the grandmother last Thanksgiving Eve at Doylestown.

Authorities claimed that the male driver was speeding at a very high rate at the time of the fatal crash. He is now facing charges for his negligent actions leading to the crash. Furthermore, civil charges are also filed against him.

Police said that the important factor of the crash was speed. When the accident happened, authorities surmised that the man’s speed was at least 140 miles per hour. The impact of the crash hurled the Honda at least 200 yards away to a spot at the side of the road. On the other hand, the Mustang stopped at a median of about 100 yards from the spot of impact. Grandmother  of the little girl, who was the Honda operator, suffered severe brain injury in this car accident. The driver of the Mustang with his girlfriend also sustained critical injuries.

Investigators believed that alcohol and drugs were not involved in the crash. The operator of the Mustang is still recovering from the hospital as the police are preparing charges of murder with third degree and aggravated assault by a vehicle in two counts.

He was released upon payment of a $500,000 bail.

Murder charges were filed against the man who caused that car crash that killed a nine-year old girl from Doyles Bucks County.

The driver identified as 37-year-old Drew Bodden was still nursing serious injuries, when he slowly made his way to the Police Department of Doylestown last Thursday. He was there to face charges for being the driver of the thanksgiving Day fatal mishap that led to the death of a nine-year-old girl and serious injuring her grandmother.

District Attorney David Heckler of Bucks County explained that in some auto crashes, it is not uncommon to pronounce a charge of murder. He continued that detectives investigating the case learned that say Bodden was driving at a minimum of 140 miles per hour. Operating his Shelby Mustang Cobra in this speed, he was inviting a car crash. His girlfriend, identified as Suzanne Berry, and his own girlfriend, was with him in the car. He did not show any concern for the motorists around him by driving recklessly at such a speed.

Heckler commented that speed such as this was even beyond recklessness.

Police mentioned that the Honda was hurled off the side of the road at a distance of about 200 yards from the point of impact. The Mustang was able to run around 100 yards further before it landed in the median.

Facing the court last Thursday, Bodden made no comment on how fast police said he was driving. He will be facing one count of 3rd degree murder charges and two counts of aggravated assault by vehicle.

He was able to pose a bail for $500,000 which allowed him to move around freely.

The grandmother, Suzanne Berry age 55, is still in the hospital and remains unconscious due to remains in the hospital due to severe brain injury.

A student with grades of straight A’s, Holly was 4th grade at the Groveland Elementary School. By Thursday, she would have turned 10.

Bodden will have his day in court this coming February.

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Source: ABC Local Go.Com