Police are trying to discover if the driver’s attention was distracted by his cell phone which cause the crash.

Four elementary school students were injured and immediately rushed to the local hospital afternoon of last Monday after the school bus crashed into a North Philadelphia home.

According to the Philadelphia Fire Department, at around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, the Durham School Services bus crashed into a brick house located at the intersection the of N 9th and W Cambria Streets just across the Fairhill Cemetery.

Firefighters reported that there were four kids who sustained injuries. Ranging from ages 9 to 13, they were immediately rushed by the emergency crew to St. Christopher’s Hospital for observations.

After the medical staff examined the kids, they were listed in stable condition and expected to be released from the hospital later Monday night.

The School District of Philadelphia identified the schools of the four children: two of the students are attending Henry Charles School and the other two are attending Henry Houston School. Both schools are located in West Mount Airy which is more than five miles from the crash site.

Due to unknown reasons which the police are investigating, the school bus was out of control. The bus sped towards the brisk house and only came to a stop after much of its front was inside the brick building.

Witness said that bus was able to sideswipe a few cars along it was and hit a metal gate before hitting the house.

Victor Ramirez who witnessed the crash told reporters that the crash sounded like a bomb as all these houses shook.

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Source: NBC Philadelphia Com