CHESTER, Pa. – A multi-vehicle crash on Chester, Delaware County claimed the life of one person. The incident occurred Wednesday night at the intersection of 7th Street and Sproul Road.

Initial reports indicated that there were around nine cars involved in the accident.

The accident yielded one fatality, a female whose name was not identified plus several others who sustained injuries.  All the victims were transported to Crozier-Chester Medical Center for treatment. No word was given on the extent on their injuries.

Police averred that one person was dead after a suspected hit-run driver made several of Chester streets looked like a demolition derby after he hit nine cars.

The hit-and-run driver was out-of-control as he plowed through a of string cars covering multiple blocks of Chester Wednesday night. The result was a multi-vehicle crash that left one woman dead.

Chester police said it is hard to believe that nine cars were struck by the driver. The devastation started at about 7:40 in the evening when two cars crashed at the intersection of West Seventh and Sproul streets in the city. Police reported that prior to their arrival in the scene, one of the operators, an unidentified woman, drove up West Seventh Street. She was crashing her way and striking cars along the way before slamming into three other cars at West Seventh and Butler streets. She had travelled about 0.7 miles from the original collision.

A woman who was in her 40s and involved in the second crash later died at the hospital. Eight other adult victims were transported to Crozier-Chester Medical Center, said the police.

A total of nine cars were damaged including the four cars in the second wreck.

The police arrested the alleged hit-and-run driver and they are trying to investigate if drugs or alcohol can be attributed as the cause of the carnage. As of now, no charges was being filed.

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