Slip and falls are common causes of accidents as in the case of a Wellington mother identified as Kylie Gray. On a wet and windy spring night, she slipped and fell on wet tiles in her front doorway while wearing jandals putting out the garbage.

For the next seven months, she was wearing a brace and was off work for the last 8 months after pulling ligaments, dislocating her knee and damaging her shinbone. Due to her injuries, she cannot look after her infant son, Cooper.

The tragic tale of Gray was used by the ACC to launch its annual home safety week campaign, which has for this year the theme to help Kiwis identify common domestic hazards.

For Gray the incident awakens her sense of safety at home which for now has become a priority. She forbids rain from getting through her front door and wet floors have to be covered or immediately dried. She is extra cautious when getting out of the shower and never wears jandals when it is wet.

In ACC’s annual campaign, they have singled out moss, power cords, carpets, chairs and puddles ¬†as potentially deadly hazards. They give tips on how to avoid turning everyday objects and obstacles into fall risks.

ACC claims that injuries in and around the home are the biggest cause of ACC claims which account for more than 40% of all new claims as of last year.

Slips and falls accounted for more than 280,000 home injuries but it is not just the old and young but for all. Statistics showed that people aged between 25 and 64 made up 40% of all falls in the home last year and cost $160 million, including $67 in weekly compensation for injury-related loss of earnings. These are mostly people who are home-makers and breadwinners.

In 2010, the estimated social and economic cost of all falls was $1.84 billion and nearly half of all home injuries were caused by slips, trips and falls. Every year, almost 10,000 people are off work for a week or more because of a fall and 2500 of those off work last more than three months.

Of the five fall triggers, the highest rate was on slipping on wet floors resulting in 18,000 claims last year; the next was climbing on chairs to reach a high object with 7500 claims; moss got about 7000; rugs merited about 5000 and cords gained about 350.

Whichever is the reason, slips and falls cause a lot of injuries.

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