At least two people died after a motorcycle and a bike crashed in South Philadelphia.

The fatal accident happened Sunday night at the corner of Oregon Avenue and 9th Street.

The incident left two people dead when a motorcycle and bicycle collided in South Philadelphia.

According to the police, both the operator of the motorcycle and the bicyclist died in this crash.

As investigation is pending, police did not reveal the names of the fatalities to the public. They are trying to contact the next of kin.

A study was conducted to compare the injury resulting from motorcycles and bicycles. The researchers used 556 patients who were involved in bicycle accidents and 367 who were participants in motorcycle accidents. It appeared that young men are more involved comprising 79% (436) of bicycles accidents and 82% (299) of motorcycle accidents.

Two hundred fifty bicyclists sustained maxillofacial fractures from the crash while two hundred twenty-one motorcyclists also had suffered maxillofacial fractures. Most patients in motorcycle accidents had several multiple fractures. Seventy-six percent of motorcyclists were using helmets at the time of the accidents, whereas only 6% of cyclists were using helmets. Motorcyclists had larger number of lacerations, whereas bicyclists showed larger number of abrasions. The most common dentoalveolar injury for these accident types is avulsion. Hospital stays were 3.8 days for motorcyclists and 1.3 days for bicyclists.

There is the need for lawmakers to create compulsory legislation requiring the use of helmets with face-guards for both cyclists and motorcyclists. The public must be made aware of the seriousness of injuries likely to happen in bicycle- and motorcycle-related accidents and ways to prevent them.

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