SOUTHAVEN — It is a fact that some people will go to extremes to get their hands on some hard-earned for cash.

This Southaven woman pleaded guilty last Wednesday in the Circuit Court of DeSoto County to an insurance fraud charges concerning an incident at the Ramada Inn in Horn Lake in May of 2010.

The claimant identified as Tracey Leigh Davidson, age 36, and resident of 721 Woodsmoke Dr. in Southaven, admitted her guilt in front of DeSoto County Circuit Court Judge Robert Chamberlin. She accepted the charges of being a habitual offender of past charges of forgery and unauthorized use of a credit card. Because of the infringement, she will not be eligible for parole or early release.

As a result of her false claim, Davidson was paid the amount of $3,440 for injuries during a slip and fall incident at the Ramada Inn. As a result of her sentencing, one of the parties will receive repayment from Davidson

Aside from paying the $1000 in fines, Davidson will have to pay $5,752.50 to Nationwide to cover the principal of the money she received from the scam attempt plus some for investigative costs.

She will be required to settle the following, in addition to those fines: the amount of $517 to repay $517 SE Emergency Physicians for the emergency room visit; $390 to Mid South Imaging and Therapeutics, and $612 to the City of Horn Lake for the ambulance service.

The repay of these obligations will commence within 60 days of her release from custody.

DeSoto County Assistant District Attorney Angela Huck who led the local effort behind the case stated that Davidson basically staged the whole thing.

Davidson claimed that she fell in the bathtub of one of the rooms in Ramada inn. When she reported the incident, she was not herself wet or was there any water in the tub itself. Huck continued that even the screws attached to the tub had been tampered with, even backed out of the post on the bathtub.

Huck said that her office and the state attorney general’s office work together well in putting a closure to the case.

District Attorney Huck said that it was necessary to convict Davidson as a 1981 habitual offender, an extension of sentencing that needs the offender to serve their term daily instead of the details of the time served according to the Mississippi Department of Corrections. To qualify as a non-violent habitual offender, two prior convictions are required that arose out of separate circumstances. The benchmark of Davidson fulfilled these requirements.

Huck said that habitual offenders have no eligibility for paroles. Davidson has pending charges for similar offenses waiting in Louisiana,

It was Jerry Spell of the Attorney General’s Insurance Integrity Unit who investigated the case with the assistance of the DeSoto County District Attorney’s Office.

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