Last Thursday afternoon, Firefighters had to lower a man from a CSX railroad overpass for continued medical treatment after he was reportedly hit by a train at Oak Hill Avenue and Marshall Street.

According to the Rural Metro ambulance crew, they were treating the victim on the trestle so they had call the assistance of the firefighters. The firefighters had to rig a stoke basket and rigid stretcher. Using a rope and pulley system, they lower the victim from the trestle and return him to the care of the ambulance crew and rescue squad.

Fire Capt. Alvin Ware said that although the victim was not seriously hurt but he was taken to St. Elizabeth Health Center. Authorities from the fire department report did not identify the victim or elaborate on the circumstances.

Even with automatic warning devices like flashing lights or flashing lights with gates present and functioning properly, there are still about every 115 minutes, a person or vehicle hit by a train and almost half of all collisions at railroad crossings occur. Like other kinds of accidents involving other means of transportation; train accidents are prevalent dangers.  People involved in such an accident may also sustain injuries or even die.  Others may consider train accidents as rare or less in occurrence compared to other accidents like cars, motorcycles, bus or trucks but the  results of this kind of accident tends to be more devastating catastrophic compared to others.

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