Early Sunday morning, death by accident claimed two lives. The Delaware State Police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident on Coastal Highway (State Route 1) south of John J. Williams Highway in Rehoboth Beach early Sunday morning.

Police are trying to figure out if alcohol played a role in a pedestrian accident that killed two people in Delaware.

Investigators reported that Scott Emory, 33, and Cheryl Dunn-Winchester, 28,  were crossing the southbound lanes of Route 1 at 2:19 a.m. when they were struck by a car driven by Lisa Governa.

Emory and Dunn-Winchester, both residents of Rehoboth Beach, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Governa, 25, was not aware of hitting the two pedestrians as she continued to drive southbound and stopped in a parking lot about one tenth of a mile from the crash scene, said police.

Investigators stated that the driver might not have seen the two fatalities as the area of the crash is dimly lit and Emory and Dunn-Winchester were not walking in a crosswalk.

Alcohol is being considered a factor in the accident, said police. But they are still investigating if the car was over speeding.

The risk of walking on the road has been doubles that an average of one pedestrian is killed almost every two hours and one injured every 8 minutes. When walking on a sidewalk, stay to the right to allow others to pass by if need be; and avoid walking on roadways at night that are not well-lighted

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