Sunday morning did not fare well for two men were injured after their vehicle crashed into a PECO storage facility in Juniata.

The accident occurred around 2:30 Sunday morning right on the 2900 block of D Street.

Police said that the driver of the car lost control as he was crossing over Luzerne Street. Losing control of the vehicle, the driver hit a curb and the car flew over the fence hitting PECO storage facility.

The impact was strong enough to send the car to plummet over the PECO storage facility’s fence. Authorities said the driver was lucky that the car did not hit the hire tension wire inside the compound.

.It was fortunate that the car narrowly missed the high tension wire inside the compound, said the police. Live tension wire was inside the compound. Hitting the high tension wire must have caused explosion and death.

Timely arrival of the firefighters extricated the driver and his companion as they were trapped inside the vehicle. The driver and his companions inside the car had to be extricated by the firefighters. They were taken to the hospital and medical staff said they retain only non-life threatening injuries.

As of today, no information was issued regarding the identity of the victims and what caused the driver to lose control of his car. The police did not release any information about the identity of the victims and the reason why the driver lost control.

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