At least there was one fatality and nearly two dozen people injured when a SEPTA bus collided with a car in the Ogontz section of the city. One woman died and several others in critical conditions.

The woman-passenger in the black car died from injuries while the driver of that vehicle was taken to Einstein Hospital and is in critical condition. A total of 21 people were taken to local hospitals as well, but are said to have non-life threatening injuries.

It was around 6:30 p.m. Monday, at the intersection of Old York Road and West Sparks Street when the tragedy happened. According to SEPTA officials, a SEPTA Route 55 bus was following its usual route when it collided with a black Acura that was travelling north in the southbound lane .
Police reported that 21 other people were injured in the crash. One of the woman-passenger inside the Acura succumbed due to serious injuries sustained.

Witnesses in the Ogontz section of the city saw a collision between a SEPTA Route 55 bus and a car.
Police said the two vehicles collided head on this Monday around 6:30 p.m. at the intersection of Old York Road and West Sparks Street.

Officials related that aside from the injured passengers in the bus, there were two people inside the car. One died and the other is currently listed in critical condition. The intersection is currently shut down.
SEPTA stated that they will review tapes of the accident sometime Tuesday as they continue to investigate what happened in the accident.

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