A spectator hit by an errant throw from an 11 year old catcher is suing for personal injuries suffered as a direct result of the incident. http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2012/06/22/new-jersey-woman-hit-with-ball-sues-little-league-player/.

As a father and someone who participates in Little League I at first found this unpleasant. However, as I thought it about more as an attorney I realized that the injury victim may not have adequate insurance to cover her extensive medical bills and a lawsuit may be the only way to recover funds to provide for her damages.
I find this to be a difficult case to assess. A spectator at a ballgame “assumes the risk” of injury by being there. There is no easy answer on this one. Our office would not accept this case due to the chilling effect it may have on an eleven year old. But as I sit here and think…”what would I do if it was my wife that was severely injured”?
This will be a case to follow as it winds it’s way through the court system.

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