What Are The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in the USA

There are certain breeds of dogs in the U.S that have a reputation for dangerous behaviour, but they are still allowed to be kept as pets.

These breeds of dogs include hybrids between domestic dogs and wolves, pit bull terriers and rottweilers. Research that was conducted by DogsBite.org has highlighted that from 2005 to 2012, two breeds alone made up 73 percent of the total number of dog attacks that resulted in a death.

Fatalities among fighting breeds

Fatal dog attacks by pit bulls and crossbreeds are more than double the attacks made by rottweilers. This is due to the fact that pit bulls are bred selectively for dog fighting. A characteristic of pit bulls is that they launch surprise attacks on their victims and their bite style is a hold and shake method, which can be lethal in a short period of time.

There are other fighting breeds who pose a threat to the public too and in some states their presence is regulated.
Many U.S. states have regulations in relation to the ownership and breeding of wolf hybrids. These are also called canid hybrids and are the outcome of the mating of a dog and a wolf.

Hybrid Dogs

Wolf hybrids led to 19 deaths from 1982 to 2012. Dangerous dog attack situations occur when a child visits or comes to live in a home where a dangerous dog resides. This is a particularly dangerous situation for the child.?Pennsylvania?dog bite?lawyers handle injuries caused to both adults and children when they have come into contact with dangerous dogs.

Anyone who has been the victim of a dog bite that was not their fault is entitled to compensation from the dog owner. This covers any lost wages while recovering, reconstructive surgery for a bad dog bite and a component for pain and suffering. If you have been bitten by a dog then you are legally entitled to claim compensation in most states in the US. This applies to both you and your child.
Many people do not realize that a dog bite is not the only reason to report a dogs behavior.

Reporting dangerous dogs

Any problem dog should be reported immediately to the citys or countys sheriffs or animal control department. If a particular dog out loose bites and seriously injures a person and the dogs ownership cannot be identified it will be difficult for any dog bite victim to claim medical expenses and any other compensation for a dog bite injury that was not their fault.

Hiring a lawyer after an attack

When a dog bite is reported and it is the first one for that dog the owner and the dog owners does not want a first bite on record he or he may offer the victim treatment in their own home. This is not acceptable and anyone who is bitten should go straight to the hospital and seek proper medical attention.

This will prevent the likelihood of any serious medical condition being overlooked.

If you or your children have been bitten by a dog, whether it was considered dangerous or not, you should contact a dog bite attorney, who will not only offer a free consultation but will assess your case for compensation.

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