Jackknife Truck Accidents

What Causes a Truck to Jackknife?

A jackknifed trailer backing up is one of the reasons for all drivers to pay attention when a large truck is on the road. The jackknife position occurs when a large truck brakes suddenly causing the trailer to swing to the side. This action from the driver can prevent one accident from happening while causing other accidents.

Knowing how to avoid jackknifing a trailer is an important skill for truck drivers. Even experienced truck drivers may not be able to avoid a jackknife position. An anti-jackknife trailer hitch can also prevent a truck from jackknifing while braking.

A pickup truck can also be responsible for a jackknife accident. Any car with a trailer attached can complete a jackknife exercise and cause problems on the road. For some trucks, jackknife truck covers can prevent items from coming out of the truck and causing more accidents.

In the event of a jackknife accident, you will want to start looking for semi-truck accident lawyers near me to learn what your options are. They can help you get the strongest case and settlement to help cover your injuries.

A Scary Situation

Car accidents can be scary in the best of times. In a semi-truck accident, the stress can be amplified even more as you try to determine the next best steps. Injuries can be more severe with a bigger impact on your life than in other car accidents. Getting a car accident lawyer can help you get the best settlement for your case.

Large truck accidents can have different standards for fault than other kinds of car accidents. Truck drivers work for companies that have different standards for fault than other drivers. Accident lawyers will get involved to determine fault and settlement cases.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Just as with other kinds of car accidents, a commercial truck accident can have different causes. A driver may not be paying attention or completing a maneuver at the wrong time. Having a large truck on the road requires all drivers to pay attention and be careful.

A car accident with a semi-truck today could have a different cause than the fatal truck accident yesterday. Trucks can contribute to accidents by backing up to a trailer hitch or other truck-driving maneuvers. Standards for truck drivers can be higher than other drivers and include courses on how to back up a trailer 90 degrees.

A semi-truck accident can cause many potential medical issues that can lead to expensive hospital bills and impact your life in other ways. Knowing where a large truck is while you’re driving can help prevent accidents on your end.


The Impact of Semi-Truck Accident

Semi-truck accident statistics in 2020 show that car accidents involving big trucks can have more severe impacts than other kinds of car accidents. Since the trucks are bigger, the injuries are more serious and can impact more people. Semi-truck accident videos can provide stark and realistic results of big truck accidents.

After such an accident, it is important to know what your options are. Truck accident lawsuit settlements can cover medical and other expenses from commercial truck accidents. This can cover loss of income or potential psychological results. Not all impacts from a truck accident are physical and a car accident attorney can help you determine what other impacts an accident had on your life.

Types of Injuries

Jackknife statistics show that many injuries can happen as a result of a trucking accident. A whiplash injury is among the most common but that doesn’t mean that it is less severe. Whiplash can contribute to back, spine, and neck problems. Various head and brain injuries may also be connected to whiplash.

Injuries from an accident can impact your health for years, even if it doesn’t appear serious immediately. A truck crash yesterday can lead to serious health issues for years. Getting help from a big truck attorney can provide financial help for years.

Unfortunately, in some of the ultimate truck crashes, fatalities can occur. A trucking accident policy will cover what can be covered. A truck accident attorney can help you get the best settlement if you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a trucking accident.

What Does an Auto Accident Attorney Do?

A car accident attorney may seem like a specific branch of law but it can cover a range of car and truck accident claims. From small car accidents with minimal injuries to a fatal semi-truck accident today, a car accident lawyer can help. A car accident lawyer can also help if no injury happened during the accident.

Trucking accident law can be different from other car accident laws to determine settlement results. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer can help determine what settlement that you are eligible for after a big truck accident.

When you are asking yourself about “trucking lawyers near me,” you will want a lawyer with experience. An experienced lawyer will not only bring their professional background of experience to help you but they will also understand legal precedence about car and truck accidents.

Lawyers are also helpful to get people through the legal system. Knowing what to do next in the court process can be daunting, even in the least stressful of times. After an accident that has led to severe injuries or even fatalities, it can seem impossible. A lawyer will help you determine what to do next to get the best outcome.

Insurance companies will also work with trucking companies to get them the outcome that works best for the company and driver. This can include settlement deals that do not adequately cover all of the expenses the accident caused. Without a lawyer, you may be tempted to take that deal to end the process.

A car accident attorney will look at your specific case to determine what your settlement can be. They will work with you to form a strategy about how to get that compensation. An attorney will use the unique facts in your case with statistics and precedence to make the strongest case for you.

Every case is different and a truck accident lawyer will work with you on finding the right solution for you. This will involve a lot of understanding legal rules and establishing paperwork.

Precedence takes previous cases and uses them to determine current laws. Trucking accidents of 2020 impact how the 18-wheeler truck accident yesterday is looked at. This can be a complicated process and finding commercial trucking attorneys near me will help anyone navigate the process.

Who is Liable in a Truck Accident?

One of the biggest ways that a big truck lawyer can help you is to determine liability in the truck accident yesterday that you were involved in. Liability will determine who is responsible for the accident and if they could have acted differently to prevent the accident from happening.

Accidents involving semi-trucks today depend on several factors to determine liability. These factors include company training and what the driver was doing at the time of the accident. Local and state laws also impact liability, a truck accident in PA will have different laws than one in another state.

When there is an accident in a company vehicle, determining if truck drivers are responsible for damages takes time and a potential investigation. The best truck accident lawyer will help you through the process of determining liability in a semi-truck accident.

What Happens When a Truck Driver Has an Accident?

When a truck driver is in an accident, truck driver accident procedures help them through the process. Truck driver’s rights provide them with legal representation after an accident as well. In some cases, they may be protected by a company lawyer and in other cases, they may have to use their own legal services.

All truck drivers can get legal protection, there are attorneys for truck drivers with tickets. Lawyers that represent truck drivers in any situation provide truck driver legal services in many different situations. 

The use of a trucking defense attorney is one of the reasons that finding the best car accident attorney near me is important. These lawyers will understand the legal system and know how to get the best results for their clients. Having a lawyer on your side will help you get the best results.

When to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

The best time to hire a car accident attorney is as soon as possible. A trucking accident today should entail finding a lawyer tomorrow or that day if possible. Getting the details and paperwork laid out as soon as possible will help strengthen your case for a settlement.

Finding the right auto accident attorney takes time. Some car accident attorneys near me will complete a free consultation to determine what kind of compensation the jackknife truck accident is eligible for.

Having a lawyer right away will help you navigate commercial truck accident statistics of 2019 to see how it compares to your car accident with a semi-truck yesterday. Knowing how to use this information can be difficult for many people and a lawyer will help you through that.

A lot of important information can be required right away with a truck crash today. That information includes injuries, loss of work or income, and any mental effects of the accident. A lawyer will help establish these impacts to make it easier to prove for a settlement.

How to Find a Car Accident Lawyer

After experiencing a truck accident, the search for a lawyer should begin. An online search will show different car and truck lawyers in the area that you can use. They should have testimonials that you can read to determine if this lawyer is a good fit.

Reviews can also help you find the best lawyer. Looking at forums, like Reddit or social media sites, can provide new insight into looking for an 18-wheeler accident attorney near you. These reviews can provide new information that the website doesn’t offer.

Our PA based Personal injury lawyers can help you with a semi-truck accident. Their familiarity with the laws and standards for liability will help you make a strong case for determining what settlement you are eligible for.

What to Look For in an Attorney

When looking for an attorney, you want one with experience with the type of accident that you are dealing with. A jackknife truck accident will be different from other kinds of semi-truck accidents. While these accidents may have some overlap, the experience can help find the right solution for your case.

You will also want a lawyer that will listen to your concerns and needs. Going through a transport truck accident yesterday can create new concerns for you as you navigate the legal system. Finding the right truck accident lawyer near me means finding one that will address your specific concerns.

You will also want a lawyer that is familiar with the law in your state and jurisdiction. The best PA 18-wheeler accident lawyer can help with different aspects of personal injury law in Pennsylvania and be familiar with those state’s rules and standards.


Watching car and truck crashes on YouTube shows how intense these types of accidents can be. The truck accident today in the news can contribute to long-term medical issues that can cost a lot of money. This is money that you can be eligible for when you find the right car accident lawyer for your situation.

Truck companies and drivers will be using their resources to get the best outcome for them. Use an experienced lawyer to get the assistance you need for the compensation that you may be eligible for. You shouldn’t go through the legal system alone after a tractor-trailer accident in Philadelphia.

With an experienced lawyer at your side, you will feel confident that you will get the legal advice that you need for the compensation you’re able to get. A lawyer can help you get the settlement that can help you recover after an accident.

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